Love and Fear Masterclass

This short masterclass is intended to help processing fear and trauma and obtain relief during these very challenging times of the Covid-19 Pandemic, as the collective population is engulfed in panic with all the changes and uncertainty. Together we can move through love, the antidote of fear, and move from survival mode to thrive mode.


During this time of global crisis caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the uncertainty of the future has put the world in a state of fear and we will focus on love to better handle the challenges. Love and fear are the most dominant emotions in our lives and dictate our thoughts, emotions and actions.

This free Masterclass will help you recognize and reflect about the role of love and fear in your life and your decisions.

Know Thyself in Love and Fear Masterclass

Welcome from your instructor Agni Zotis
4 minutes
Love and Fear Masterclass
7 minutes
About Love and Fear
3 minutes
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Love and Fear Masterclass