Partner Program

If you ever wanted to write a book or record a course so that you could distribute it on demand, and you felt that you needed help in different aspects to create a good experience, then Odisea’s Partner Program is for you.

At Odisea we want to enhance your knowledge and experience. We invite you to co-create learning tours in your discipline and distribute them together, sharing the profits from the sale of our courses.

We offer you:


  • Remote direction and instructions for recording and photography.
  • Step by step pedagogical advice for the construction of the course and materials.
  • Editing and post-production correction / Writing titles and other descriptive elements.
  • Creation of optimized landing page
  • Upoad and maintenance of the course on the platform.
  • Production of basic promotional materials (video and images for your networks)

Learning Management and e-commerce platform

  • Video Lessons, Audio, Articles, Zoom / Meet Integration.
  • Hosting and Streaming of all your courses.
  • Management of students and progress, sending certificates, allowing unlimited access.
  • Sales and collection management from our eCommerce integrated with the most popular payment methods globally (Paypal and Mercado Pago)

Promotions and Advertising Colaboration

  • We provide you with a link to your course with a special code for you to use when promoting your course on your own networks or student bases, and thus identify when a user has reached the course from your promotional efforts.
  • We publish your course in our networks and affiliate networks and we add your course to our direct marketing efforts (email), search engine advertising, and social networks so that it reaches your potential students.
  • We manage coupons, free access windows, special landing pages and seasonal promotions, integrating the opportunities of the teacher and Odyssey.
  • Together we create special promotions for corporate sales

Manage Students

  • Manage students registration.
  • Sending welcome email and instructions to each new student.
  • 24×7 email support for technical queries from your students (access, accreditation of payments, and questions about the use of the platform in general).
  • We send reminders to your students to complete the course.
  • We send out reminders for your students to leave comments and ratings.
  • We send certificates upon completion of the course
  • We moderate comments and ratings.
  • We escalate other queries related to content (articles, recommendations)